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Doodled up some of aidosaur ‘s guys cause GOSH GOSH GOSH SUCH CUTIES GOOOOOOSH!!!!

Also Yuko is one of the nicest, sweetest, people ever. EVERRRR. FYI.

Little unicorn doodle

Trying out some brushes from here

Sailor Mercury for Princess rosemarytea !!

Sailor Mercury for Princess rosemarytea !!

Lunch time at work! <3 rosemarytea and quirkpuppy what should I draw for you ;)

Just gonna be here in the corner, drawing Mega Charizard forever.

Why doesn’t new charizard get a cool god mane?? Bloobloobloo

Sketching up again! Bell collar beastie is my favorite C:

Wee graveyard guardian beastie in the middle of disappearing.

Thank you for 300 followers! <3

Larus sketch! Never have time to draw my babies anymore. ;_;

Storybook Sketches 2012

Character and environment sketches.

Nix, my buddy Jordan's story book character for Toy Design.

Though we’re not allowed to show any drawings of our characters and stuff online we’re technically not forbidden from doing so with our classmates characters.

 Some of Monday’s life drawings!

NSFW kinda for wangs? So its under the cut :3

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Same old school story! Have some subway sketches <333

Halloween is coming 8D

Doodled this out super fast as I run out the door to schooooool. What an amazing month this has been! <3

Lunch with Caldykins, doodled out during a lecture.

This was today. It was a good day. Like having lunch with X-Man Origins Hugh Jackman.

There will not be nearly as many updates as I would like, kids. But was does get posted is usually silly things in between classes or on twitter. So there is that!