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An early antagonist for story book. He stole stories and kept them around his neck in the form of floating rocks. Was eventually dropped for something else.

Larus <3

This semester has been very very little drawing. The few days between school and internship will be spent in the AMNH and Met drawing every animal, costume, and tableware item I can get my eyes on.

Who are these kids? I dunno but they look like they would make good friends.

Tiny Fiona and Cake up in the cold bits. Cause Fiona in yellow sweater is adorable.

Sketch sketch sketch, haven’t touched a tablet in a very long time. How weird!

Today’s train doodle.

Same old school story! Have some subway sketches <333

Atomic Robo sketch for Scott Wegener cause he is a super sweetie. Don’t fret, Boss!! SOON WE WILL HAVE ART CLUB AGAIN! <333

Dragons dragons dragons dragons.

Oh heey, got a scanner! First time in over a year and a half that I have my own scanner *-* Still trying to figure it out…ink stuff comes out great but pencil sketches like these…hmm….*fiddles with the settings some more*

Anyway, here are some sketches from this week. In the new place with Jen! Upper (upper upper) West Side, baby! ;D

Oh, I drew some pokemon.

Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates, eep! The queue was full of dire wolves but they vanished :\ Also, I must have saved the files someplace weird for now I can’t find those either! Durp durp.

Anyway, here is a dragon doodle. Playing with some new brushes and scales.

Till monday!

Dire wolf two. Jon Snow’s Ghost. <3 Wednesday

Been sort of obsessively sketching out the dire wolves from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ between projects and homeworkk. Will post them up one at a time.

Here is Sansa’s Lady.

I really like these pages. Arg, I want to draw cute and grumpy things all the time. <3

Draw most of these in aquamarine graphite and make them dark in photoshop.