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Hello! I'm toy designer in NYC! This is my sketchbook ♥
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Meet Sketchride! This lovely lady won the Applejack/Sketch. Check out her tumblr, she is really sweet and talented!

ALSO AH Sorry, Ms  Lauren but I forgot your cutie mark on the print out!!! *super embarrass* Updated on the image here ;_;


Check her ooooout!!! 

Ice cream sundae pony

Should be working on this impossible deadline but colored this old sketch instead. Sometimes that’s exactly what is needed to get work done.

Trying whiskey. Blah blah blah blaaah.

A larger version of some sketches from those 100 sketches I posted earlier this week.

Quirk (Jennifer Blair) and myself as PONIES. Because honestly, too much is never enough.

Featuring QuixoticWish and Brightside 8D

Not really done, but I need to move on to bigger projects.

Brightside Solo! <3

Um, this is myself as a MLP because why the hell not.