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EMBOAR. Or Enbuoh. Or whatever.

You guys, I am so not into the new starters. So I figured I’d redesign them for myself! That’s how I got so into manectric and mightyena, things look terrible in the game but I love love love to draw them my way <3

There are so many awesome pokemon in the next gen, that it doesn’t really matter if a few are dumb. :3 Pokemon is the only game I will splurge on and not feel guilty or like I’m wasting my time. I usually play it on the subway or train if I’m not drawing, and at night to help me fall asleep! I also still buy pokemon cards from time to time, especially if I’m feeling a little down. The Undaunted series and the two parters are actually quite beautiful and some of my painting style is based off them!

Enjoy! <3