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'You look fabulous, darling.'

A while back Yuko and Ananth gave me this patch which now lives on my laptop case. Wanted to make a version that’s a little more me. :3 

Day 5: Fairy#700 SylveonFeed me your love! AND ACCESSORIZE!Gif version!

Day 5: Fairy
#700 Sylveon

Feed me your love! AND ACCESSORIZE!

Gif version!

Skitty…..HYPER BEAM.

Skitty…..HYPER BEAM.

"Katie, I am getting you that cupcake. It is your spirit animal."

This is Fondant. He is a little vegan pink cupcake that Yuko insisted was my spirit animal.

Quirk (Jennifer Blair) and myself as PONIES. Because honestly, too much is never enough.

Featuring QuixoticWish and Brightside 8D

Not really done, but I need to move on to bigger projects.

Brightside Solo! <3Um, this is myself as a MLP because why the hell not.

Brightside Solo! <3

Um, this is myself as a MLP because why the hell not.

10 min fox painting for Jennifer Blair. She is my bestest best friend and you can find her over here: http://blue-dragon22.deviantart.com/

Slideshow of oil painting of the model. Figured it be easier for you all to view then before.

First week: First stage of painting, the drawing. Colors are pink, teal, and purple. Hoho, can’t wait to actually start painting!

Second week: Kinda ruined everything. Opps! Luckily oil paint is super forgiving. By the end of class I had fixed it a bit!

Third week: Background!

Fourth week: Finished! Success!