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Hello! I'm toy designer in NYC! This is my sketchbook ♥
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Oh my gosh, I love this so much. Larus and Clentis by my very best friend Jennifer! She has been drawing these boys for a very long time, and each one has a special place in my heart ;;

<3 Thank you!

Hey! My birthday is on Friday, and I usually ask my friends for sketches instead of buying me things. Um, here are Larus and Clentis. Just a quick flat sketch to show their colors and sizes! If anyone would like to sketch something, these would be the guys to do <3

Of course, any sketches would be awesome! I just love getting art things 8D

I should be doing work but I just want to draw a million cute things today.

Larus and Clentis, my very special boys. Haven’t had any time for a proper picture of them! So here is a doodle.