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Birthday sketches! The top one is from my lovely Jordan <3 <3 <3 And the bottom one is from Able



I hope that today is extra amazing, just for you! I wish I could puppy-pile cuddle with you, but since we are too far away, here are our pup beasties cuddling each other instead! All my love to you!

AHHHH JENNIFER MY BABIES YOUR BABY AHHHH AHHB I’m sitting on a train back to the city after getting an awesome job and its sunny and amazing and I saw a hawk and listening to happy dancy music and thinking of you and YOU’RE THE BEEEEST

Larus Totem. Dec 2012.

Thank you for 300 followers! <3

Larus sketch! Never have time to draw my babies anymore. ;_;

Larus <3

This semester has been very very little drawing. The few days between school and internship will be spent in the AMNH and Met drawing every animal, costume, and tableware item I can get my eyes on.

AH! Beautiful art gift from the super talented Shadowmanic over on the devsarts!

Gosh this totally made my whole week, semester, year! <333 
Be sure to check out her work! Its greaaat!



A fierce and snarly Larus by the amazingly sweet, nice and beautiful Yuko Ota! You guys might know her from her webcomic, Johnny Wander! Or maybe just know her for being that awesome lady behind this tumblr. Or just from being nice around the internet. Yuko is just pretty grand in general. Go and click those links, you guys!

Thank you so much, Yuko! ;; He looks like such a beautiful beast >8D

Oh my gosh, I love this so much. Larus and Clentis by my very best friend Jennifer! She has been drawing these boys for a very long time, and each one has a special place in my heart ;;

<3 Thank you!

Hey! My birthday is on Friday, and I usually ask my friends for sketches instead of buying me things. Um, here are Larus and Clentis. Just a quick flat sketch to show their colors and sizes! If anyone would like to sketch something, these would be the guys to do <3

Of course, any sketches would be awesome! I just love getting art things 8D

I should be doing work but I just want to draw a million cute things today.

Larus and Clentis, my very special boys. Haven’t had any time for a proper picture of them! So here is a doodle.

YES. >:D I am very very very excited about this.

Clentis and Larus. Cards that will be sold at KatsuCon, hopefully!

Some sketchdumps. <3 See the higher res version here.