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Mike after I live tweeted watching the uncomfortable movie ‘Alpha and Omega’.

Mike:They should make Game of Thrones in that movie’s style. #PossiblyTerribleIdeas


Anyway, gave up before the sketch stage was even done. I…I just couldn’t….

The backgrounds were really pretty. So were the caribou.

Shae and the Monsters, from A Storm of Swords, book three in A Song of Ice and Fire.

SPOILERS, for slow readers like me.

The one scene in this book (where Tyrion comes down to see Shae between the dragons jaws) stuck with me the rest of the way. Regardless of how their relationship played out, Shae is one of my very favorite characters. Though she is meant to be sultry and have such a ‘wicked smile’, wanting to be saved from the jaws of the monster and play with Tyrion was just so innocent. She’s only 18 afterall.

This image began as her leaning naked against the teeth, looking sexy or whorish or however. Instead it changed into a young girl who is scared as to where Varys has taken her, alone in the dark surrounded by monsters as the faint light of a lantern approaches from an unseen passage.

(nerdiness ends here)

This is maybe the stupidest GoT thing I’ve drawn yet.


The GoT Zine that a couple of fine folks are putting together is up for pre-order! It’s looking really awesome.

This was my submission, Rickon and his wee little puppy Shaggy <3 Though this won’t be appearing in the pub, many other super sweetie’s pieces will be including Ella's who made the cutest Hodor EVER. <3 <3 Everyone, go follow her at once. I’m ashamed you haven’t already! O-oh, you have? Good. :D

Dire wolf three, Shaggydog! He is my favorite of the wolf pups <3

Dire wolf two. Jon Snow’s Ghost. <3 Wednesday

Been sort of obsessively sketching out the dire wolves from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ between projects and homeworkk. Will post them up one at a time.

Here is Sansa’s Lady.

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones fanart. Cause nerdiness like this just can’t be bridled.

Look at all the SUPER DEEP MEANING and SUBTLY of this image. *sarcasm sarcasm*

Anyway, go read these books. They are really really great. Also Ananth did a great little review of them!

Left out two main houses, can you guess which? (no cheating!)