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Hey, I never post text here really. Want it to be mostly an art blog. But something has really been on my mind that possibly other people might be thinking too.

In school, many Professors and students talk about being alone for countless hours of the week. They work alone, eat alone, and live alone. They talk about “making it” on your own and “being your self invented artist”. The illustrators I have met have usually felt the same way. They tell me they like it and that it makes the work completely their own.

Well that was not why I became an artist. That’s not what is going to keep me an artist. I make art as much for myself as for other people. I want people to laugh when they see silly comic or feel happy with a vibrant color palette when maybe their day was gray. I want art bro friends that are happy with talking about their sketches and sending texts or tweets back and forth about things that inspire us. Because now even when we are alone in our rooms or offices or studios, we are with everyone in a different sense. And not just artists in the drawing sense, but graphic designers, photographers, film makers, code builders, book binders, everything! We need each other to be the best we can be.

I realize everyone has their own work attitude and method. Going to the AMNH and the Zoo is usually what gets the best work out of me. Kids LOVE seeing people draw and I have an extra sketchbook with me all the time anyway so no harm in letting them draw too. They become mini art bros and you know someday some of them will be our ages and doing similar things.

Anyway, I’m just really grateful for my friends that will go draw with me and let me go through their sketchbooks. Cause we’re like a family you guys. End of my silly tirade.

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