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FINALLY! Submitted to PatchTogether! Click the image to see :3

This past Fall Semester, I had the awesome opportunity to have the lovely MissMonster as my first senior year mentor! Most of you guys probably know all about Miss Mel and her amazing creature designs. She helped me create a personalized project that was finally admitted into PatchTogether! The mentor project for school bascially asks us to find fall and spring mentors that are not only successful artists we can relate to, but also people we have admired and aspire to be like. Miss Mel is an extremely hard worker who creates beautiful and unique artworks to share with the world. Even with her busy schedule, she helped with my many designs and was helpful and insightful with answering all my questions! My professor was pretty impressed with the amount of feedback I received! Even though my first designs hit some walls I knew that with all I had learned I had become a better artist from the experiences.

This is probably getting a little sappy, but I just had to say! I am so so glad that Miss Mel emailed me back! Asking someone you admire so much to help you, feeling that you’re kinda a lowly student, but still getting a response has really boosted my confidence as an artist. Even if Magnus does’t get made into a toy, I’m proud of myself for this. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally grow enough balls to resubmit to Pixar and Nickelodeon? Haha! Keep watching, and maybe that will be a future entry. :3


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